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About Me


First and foremost I am a wife to Hunter Wilsford and a mother of three beautiful babies Layla, Raney, and Evie.


My family shapes most of my life.

Outside of them, I have been studious since I was a child. I dabbled in everything to do with art, as I still do. My preferred is painting and sculpting.

My hobbies not only involve art itself but any craft including cooking, sewing and gardening. I have a love for interior design and architecture. I also enjoy being outdoors and do a great deal of camping with my family.



Over 10 years experienced Master Cosmetologist


Hair Color Artist

Hair Cutting Artist

Hair Styling Artist

Certified Esthetician

As a former student in fine arts and architecture, I have incorporated my education in arts, science and math into my passion for the beauty industry. No two heads are alike, and I take special care in consideration for each of my canvases.

When it comes to hair, I have developed my own sense of style and skill enhancing the look of others. I have 9 years of continuing education outside of my degree in Cosmetology. I use both timeless to trendy fashions when applying several types of techniques in my approach to any service which makes me unique in all hair designs. I am not afraid to push the limits on fashion trends, but I also have an elegant statement to all my work.

I am not only thoroughly educated in hair but also in color. I have been studious since a young age in art, hand mixing paint from primary colors of all forms of mediums. My understanding for the color wheel is advanced and thorough. I also furthered my education in product knowledge and chemistry.

My work is driven by passion. Over 10 years I have come to understand that my industry is one of the most intimate experiences to service. Connection with clients and forming a relationship is very important to me. Learning about my clients lives is an honor behind the chair, because I am able to give them something that they can manage daily, looking their best.

I have developed a true love for the industry as I have made it my life long career. 


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Flexible hours open from
Tuesday - Saturday.

Reservations only upon request.


I specialize in all hair services for women, men, and children.

I also specialize in facial waxing, brow and lash tinting.

Formal hair styling.




4216 Lomac Street

Montgomery, AL, 36106

Off of Charmichael Blvd.

Online Booking

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